PFAS – Navigating Diverging Regulatory Approaches and Liability Risks in the EU, UK and US

Thursday, 19 October 2023
4:30 – 5:15pm BST

Join the Cooley international products and business litigation teams for a 45-minute, rapid-fire webinar to discuss the latest EU proposal to restrict PFAS, ongoing initiatives to regulate PFAS in the UK and US, and associated liability risks for product stakeholders.

PFAS are under increased scrutiny in the European Union, UK and US. The EU proposal to restrict around 10,000 PFAS is just one of the latest initiatives to regulate a group of chemicals that are used not only in industrial settings but also in consumer products – such as electronics, textiles, food contact material, packaging, cosmetics, etc. In parallel, the UK has concluded its evaluation of PFAS and announced that it will be considering measures to regulate them, including restrictions of PFAS in consumer products – in the near future – together with other measures to address environmental and human health risks that PFAS are deemed to pose. The US Environmental Protection Agency also has announced a new framework for evaluation of PFAS, and regulators are increasingly showing concern regarding their use in consumer products.



James Maton